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Hire with Confidence

Finding quality landscaping help is hard. And when you do, you cross your fingers they're actually going to be reliable.

Our applicant tracking software fills your inbox with qualified landscaping applicants, and our working style assessment helps you identify who will stick around long-term.

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All-Inclusive Pre-Hire System

Stop using multiple tools, spreadsheets, or paper to manage the different steps of the recruitment process. Manage all of your recruitment needs from source to hire in one single platform. Save time in the hiring process so you can focus on what matters most: making good hires.

More, Better Candidates

Kwantek clients receive both partial applicants and full applicants, making your total candidate pool larger and more robust. Use our advanced screening techniques to select the candidate with the highest likelihood of long-term retention.


Industry Expertise

Take advantage of regular consultations with our industry experts. Kwantek has processed millions of candidates in high turnover industries such as landscaping, and can provide relevant, up-to-date advice to your time on what's working today in the industry.


Hands-On Training

Unlike most software vendors, we will visit your office for in-depth, hands-on training with your entire team. We work with you to develop the best practices specific to your company, and make sure your staff fully understands. We won't just hand you the keys; we'll teach you to drive.

Sherri D.

GMI Building Services


“We on-boarded 130 new employees in less than one week. I call that a complete success and a big cost reduction in paper, employee file folders, and labor.”

Beth G.

Aetna Integrated Services


"Our aggregate annualized attrition is down 30 percentage points. This is a huge win that I attribute in great part to the Kwantek tools and their impact on quality of hire."

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